Developing a Future Proof ICT Strategy

Naace is an association dedicated to advancing education through the use of technology, it represents the voice of the education technology community in the UK and plays a key role in professional development through the sharing of innovation and expertise.

So, when we were investigating the state of play in technology in education for the year 2015, Naace were the obvious solution to develop our latest white paper: Developing a Future Proof ICT Strategy.

Education institutions are currently fighting a battle between the old and the new when it comes to technology. The rate of change in devices, such as tablets and laptops, has never been higher and inevitably, schools struggle to ensure the hardware they provide in class is up to the same standard as that their students are fluently embracing at home.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is being adopting at varying rates in schools. There are security concerns, bullying considerations and serious connectivity issues that could arise from improper planning. However, with the cost of some tablets now less than $250AUD, a one-device-per-child situation in education is becoming a reality.

Our white paper explores the benefits of successful planning in order to maximise the potential of existing networks and hardware whilst provisioning for the device agnostic future. Download now for free.

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