New and improved Windows 10

Microsoft’s new launch Windows 10 sees some great advances on older versions and brings it up to par with its competitors.

New Technology

It’s not long now until Windows 10 launches (hopefully in the late summer) and with this new incarnation available on multiple devices this is going to prove a great advantage to docking. A host of new features, plus Windows mobile phones (they’ll be an extension of your PC) now having the ability to dock into a full workstation, one device should now be able to do it all, making it a cohesive system across all your tech.

At the moment much of this is still in development and will be tested soon with DisplayLink technology, but we are hoping to see it all roll out over the next few months.

The operating system will introduce new features, get rid of some of the old and integrate others to make them more efficient and user friendly. The ability of Windows 10 to work well across all devices has never been more important, considering the way that modern working practices are progressing. So what have Microsoft done to ensure that Windows 10 can give you an integrated experience?


Probably one of the most important aspects to us here at Targus and to our customers is Continuum. This feature allows a smooth transition between desktop and tablet mode for 2-in-1 devices, so if it detects that there’s no keyboard attached it will automatically change mode. It also means that apps and services won’t look great on one device but strange on another.


Windows 10 will feature Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant Cortana. So whether you type into the taskbar, tap on the microphone icon or want to check out your news and features, Windows 10 will now let you do just that to making the most of any device you’re using. It’s been fully integrated into the browser making it easy to use and your search history the same whether you look in your browser, start menu or Cortana.


Spartan has been brought in to replace the old IE, aiming to be a much lighter and easier to use browser. It promises to come with lots of features including a note-taking mode and updated reading mode, so that web articles are clearer and easier to read, plus you’ll be able to save content to read offline. It’s a real makeover for Internet Explorer and could mean that there’s potential for Spartan to debut on other platforms.


This is Microsoft’s poke in the eye to Google Glass. These wireless, high-tech glasses will allow the wearer to see things around them in holographic form, creating an augmented reality for the user. They are due to be released at the same time as Windows 10 and should work seamlessly with it as it has holographic computing built into it, creating a whole new world to explore and use in very different ways.


Microsoft has made a real effort to improve on the Touch experience with Windows 10. The Touch UI has changed considerably, and Microsoft hopes that this will be a real improvement for those who use the system. The Charms bar looks to be on the way out, replaced with a notification bar which has a customizable list of settings, so that you can make it more personal to you. And with the Continuum system to be put in place too Touch will become a much smoother experience.

Surface Hub

Although it has nothing to do with Windows directly, Microsoft demoed its latest touchscreen at the Windows launch. The massive 84-inch 4K touchscreen is its answer to boardroom presentations and conference calls. With Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers, microphones and motion sensors it is possibly the biggest touch tablet out there. An exciting prospect for docking station technology and Windows 10 integration.


With huge advances being made Windows 10 will allow much greater interaction with your Xbox account, across all your devices. It will improve the graphics base on older hardware and the new Xbox app will let you share and comment on game clips, chat to your Xbox mates and enhance your experience regardless of what device you’re using.

Virtual desktops

Microsoft has done away with Windows 8 Task Switcher, replacing it with Task View in Windows 10. This will allow users to switch seamlessly between virtual desktops, making life much easier for novice users.

Snap Assist

The improvements to snap assist mean that you can snap windows much more quickly and easily, allowing you to navigate through your windows with just one click. This also works really well with the new Universal Apps store.

Business improvements

To bring it up to date in terms of business use, Microsoft has brought in features it feels will appeal to the corporate world, including data protection and a customised store. There will also be the option of keeping personal and corporate information completely separate, making transfer of data easier and giving Windows 10 more functionality.

Free upgrade for the first year

This is something that Microsoft has never done before, but it’s pretty cool. For the first year Windows 7 and 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. A definite plus for those who’ve invested time and money in their current OS but want to keep up with technological advances. Thanks Microsoft!


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