Reduce total cost of ownership with Universal Docking Stations

Device agnostic docking stations can reduce IT spend, thanks to future proofing, built-in power and much more.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

According to the online IT community Spiceworks, most IT budgets will remain flat in 20151. It has never been more important to get the most from every pound spent on IT, extend the life of laptops for as long as possible and where appropriate, purchase lower specification on replacement. You may have also been exploring other strategies to help stretch your IT, getting more for less.

One area you may not have considered is how switching to Universal Docking could be part of your overall IT budget strategy. Typically a 1000-seat enterprise company that is using proprietary stations can save as much as $110,310 AUD a year. These savings are based on a number of features of the Universals Docking Stations: universality, change management, built-in power, future-proofed technology and personalized service.

  • Universality – A number of big suppliers have documented the potential cost saving by adopting strategies to include tablets2. With the Universal Docking Station it is possible to have the best of both worlds; reduced TCO of tablets devices over laptops or PCs but combined with the increased productivity of dual monitors, keyboards and mice;
  • Change management – universal docking allows a multi-vendor laptop strategy. Leaving you free to explore cheaper contracts with different laptop suppliers and BYOD and CYOD strategies without cost penalties;
  • Built-in power – the universal docking station includes power reducing wastage through broken and lost chargers;
  • Future-proofed technology
  • Personalised service – because Targus come in and set the docking up for you we ensure that it ‘just works’ reducing IT support call out and costly downtime when your employees are unable to work.

These features results in substantial savings.

  • Universality, change management and USB3.0 means that you only need to recycle the device every 4 years rather than every 2 years. This has multiple savings, initial purchase price, as well as saving on swap out, install and disposal costs.
  • The built in power means there are no costs associated with lost or damaged chargers.
  • And less support requirement means less desk call-outs.

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We acknowledge that many Organisations would like to try our universal docking solutions in the situ of their workplace. We offer a fully supported on-site evaluation of our products to ensure they deliver to your specific needs.

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Targus offer a full range of docking solutions to support a complete range of requirements and price points. Please call us to find out the best docking solution for your Organisation.

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Discuss our range of Universal Docking

Targus offer a full range docking solutions to support a wide range of requirements and price points. Please call us to discuss the best docking solution for your organisation.

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