The CYOD solution

Can policies where employees choose their own device benefit a business? We explore the pro’s and con’s of CYOD.

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD)

Choose your own device (CYOD) allows employees to choose from a selection of devices from a company-approved list. This gives the workforce flexibility to use a preferred device, but essentially allows the organisation to retain more control over which mobile devices are utilised by employees and how these devices handle company data.

How does CYOD differ from BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) offers more freedom to employees by allowing them to use a mobile device of their choosing in the workplace. A device that they are very familiar and comfortable with, which ultimately leads to increased productivity. Their own devices are also more likely to feature the latest software and updates, therefore reducing hardware costs for companies.

However, one concern and difference between BYOD and CYOD is security. As BYOD devices often feature both personal and business applications, managing security and protection from potential risks becomes even more of a challenge for IT departments.

Targus Universal Docking Stations allow the seamless connectivity of CYOD devices including PCs, Macs, Windows tablets and smartphones to company networks to support agile working, whilst giving IT departments full control over security.

How much is security compromised with BYOD?

According to Reuters, a study by Osterman Research revealed that, ‘15 percent of employees believe they have “none to minimal” responsibility to protect corporate data stored on their personal device.’

And as BYOD devices are utilised for both business and personal use in and out of the workplace, the security risks increase, ‘43 percent have accessed sensitive corporate data on their personal device while on an unsecured public network, such as the airport or a coffee shop.’

The study’s findings also highlighted that upon losing an unprotected mobile device, 32 percent of respondents would rather contract the flu or go on vacation with their mother-in-law than tell their boss

Why many organisations prefer CYOD at work

Arguably there are benefits to both BYOD and CYOD in the workplace. Whilst BYOD offers great flexibility to employees and cost savings to employers, CYOD provides the all important balance between employee satisfaction and company security. Basically, it’s a great compromise for employees wanting more choice when it comes to their mobile device and for larger companies requiring more control over compliance and data security.

Targus can help you implement and support CYOD

Our Universal Docking Stations enable your workforce to connect devices to the corporate network whilst in the workplace. One standard desk set-up for all ensures that CYOD devices, from MacBooks and Ultrabooks to Windows laptops and tablets can be connected to your network via one simple USB connection. This provides the same user experience in the workplace, adapting to the needs of your employees without the security risks.

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