Workspace Technology Series: practical IT for complex business

Facilities management want more work from less desks. HR is asking how they can reduce sick days with laptop stands. The sales executives need the new high-spec tablets they saw on TV and the CEO wants the office to be more ‘Google’. You’re the one that has to make all of this work and preferably, with as few cables as possible. We’ve assembled a short email series containing practical information, evidence and product-based solutions to guide you through the revolution.

Part 1: Thousands of devices, unlimited problems

In the modern working environment, an increased workload for any IT department is inevitable. This part of the series looks at methods for managing ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and maximising the productivity of devices to minimise unnecessary spending.

Part 2: Justifying the technology

Should you use your budget to procure 5 new ultra-slim, top-spec notebooks for the execs or 20 new monitors for the finance department? Part 2 of the series with provide you with tools you need to encourage the right buying decisions for maximising workforce efficiency.

Part 3: Buying in 2015, planning for 2018

The lifecycles of devices appear to be getting shorter and shorter. Part 3 looks at new hardware and software technology and what this could mean for the longevity of your IT investments.

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